Right to manage claims

Do you want to take over control of the management of your building?


If so, then as experienced property professionals we can guide you through the whole process. ‘Right to Manage’ is a specific procedure whereby subject to certain criteria leaseholders within a block can take over the rights and responsibilities of management from the freeholder.


There are many companies that will quite happily take your money to administer what is a relatively straightforward legal process.  What these companies don’t tend to explain are all the potential risks, both legally and financially, of making the initial claim and then in the management of the property.


By instructing BLR, a company that does nothing else but manage blocks of flats, you will have a much better understanding of how the process works and the preparations required for the subsequent running of your building.


If you have no other choice but to make a formal Right to Manage application, we can handle the entire process on your behalf.  This would include:


  • The initial formation of your company in accordance with the current statutory requirements
  • The distribution of all of relevant invitation notices and copy documents to your fellow leaseholders
  • The formal notices served on your landlord.
  • The finalisation of the management takeover and handing over of control to you, the owners.
  • You would have the security of knowing that the whole RTM process would be undertaken on your behalf at a fixed charge.


If you decide to instruct us as managing agents for a period of 12 months after the acquisition of Right to Manage, you would only pay the costs of the formation of the company and disbursements, as BLR would not charge additional fees – JG


Should you be considering acquiring your Right to Manage then call us today to arrange a free consultation.