Freehold Purchase/Lease Extension

Freehold Purchases and Lease Extensions

Whether you are a landlord or a leaseholder, by employing BLR as your managing agent you have at your disposal our wealth of experience in

Freehold acquisitions

Disposals of blocks of flats

Completion of lease extensions for individual properties.


Purchasing your Freehold

The acquisition of freeholds especially in larger blocks takes a huge amount of time and organisation.  Whilst a solicitor may be more than competent at dealing with the legal process they are less inclined to undertake the task of explaining the process to leaseholders at evening meetings, arranging the collection of individual contributions from leaseholders and finding solutions for shortfalls caused by non-participating leaseholders.

These are all tasks that we are skilled in delivering, through appropriately qualified staff, infrastructure and the documentation required.  Furthermore our fees for dealing with freehold purchases are often payable only on successful completion of the sale.


Lease Extensions

If you need someone to act for you in connection with a lease extension there are many companies that offer this specific service.  However, whilst there is a statutory process for achieving a lease extension and many firms will steer you in this direction, it is not always the quickest or most cost effective way to achieve what you want.

If you contact BLR you will get:

  • Initial free consultation and advice on the best way to proceed. 
  • Professional advice for both leaseholders and freeholders in negotiating lease extensions.
  • In the vast majority of cases we are able to agree terms by negotiation, without the need for expensive legal fees and lengthy hearings.

Of course if there is no alternative then we can take you through the whole process, but in view of the potential fees payable to surveyors and solicitors, we will always find your cheapest and easiest option.

If you require any advice on a possible sale of a freehold, or the negotiation of a lease extension then contact us today to arrange a free consultation, or simply for an initial chat on 0208 905 8345.  You will be given free advice with no obligation.